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Maintaining control

There are few people who are unable to maintain control and play up to a limit, fortunately there are many of them that choose to play well in a way that doesn't affect them. To avoid losing control, you just have to follow the steps below:
  • Your purpose is to play for fun, not to earn money.
  • Try to avoid recovering what you have lost and not to be stubborn at all costs.
  • You only have to bet an amount of money that you are able to recover.
  • You should establish a period of tim and the sum of money that you are betting keeping a daily report.
  • Some bookmakers provide a period of exclusion, not to continue betting, called "self-exclusion".
  • You can use a service called "Gambling Therapy" which allows you to talk to someone about your gambling problem.

What is Gambling Therapy?

Any person who has problems with the game you can turn to "Gambling Therapy", a recognized association that offers confidential support and advice. You can contact "Gambling Therapy" using their website

If you have a gambling problem then answer the questions below:

Answer the questions below if you believe that you or someone else is exaggerating with the game:
  1. Did you start to be absent at work, at school or university, just to go betting?
  2. Do you bet because you consider that you are having an infelicitous and boring life?
  3. Do you feel the need to bet in any moment and do you feel lost and in despair when you run out of money?
  4. Do you bet every penny that you have, for the example the price of a bus ticket or a cup of coffee?
  5. Dis you think at the amount you can spend on the game?
  6. Are there people who criticize your pleasure fot gaming?
  7. Have you lost your interests on family, on friends and your hobbies?
  8. When you lose money, do you feel the need to play again to recover that amount of money as soon as possible?
  9. Do you feel the need to bet if you have had an altercation, if you are frustrated or if you are disappointed?
  10. Do you feel the need to commit extreme things like to kill yourself or do you feel depressed because of your gambling activities?
If your answers to these questions are many times "YES", there may be a problem: there are more chances of having a gambling problem. If you want to be more informed regarding this thing, you just have to contact the staff from "Gambling Therapy" using their website

Programs to restrict the use of computer for inappropriated purposes

To access safe the Internet there were created applications provided by developers that parents can use to monitor or restrict the use of your computer for their children. To protect children from accessing pages with inappropriate content there have been created programs that are able to filter the access to the internet, such as: Using the program "CYBERsitter" the parents can block the sites that they deem harmful to their own children it can be found on
Following these simple tips on responsible gaming I wish you much fun at all!
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