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Gambling addiction

The information on gambling dependence

In addiction, there are several types of problems that you can confront with and if you do not moderate yourself, then you can suffer their circumstances such as: the use of alcoholic beverages, addiction of shopping and playing video games.

The same rule of moderation also applies when playing online. This issue concerns whether yourself or one of your friends is difficult to recognize any dependence, because all this is not always related to loss of excessive amounts of money.

In each case there must be pointed out that gambling addiction is a symptom that is born from a bigger problem.

During your live, there are many problems that you may encounter every way, and excesive online gaming is not a solution for solving them. It can bring the risk of gambling addiction, starting just from simple fun, arriving to unpredictable consequences. In these cases you should contact and consult a specialist who can help you.

If you are confronting with these types of situations, in order to prevent the symptoms that can break you from the daily reality, the social and financial sphere, the advice I can give you is to let the people closest to you to take preventive measures before the gambling dependence to reach irreversiblelevels.

Fortunately, this type risk does not exist for most of the players and they can play happily and safely without having any kind of problem.

In order to be sure that you do not have ANY GAMBLING PROBLEMS, just answer the questions below to receive information about your behaviour on the game in the last 12 months:

  1. Did you bet a sum of money greater than you can afford?
  2. To keep the fun alive, did you increase that sum of money?
  3. Once you have lost your sum of money, did you start playing again just to recover the money that you have lost?
  4. Have you ever lent money or sold objects in order to play?
  5. Did you ever think that you can be dependent on the game?
  6. Did you ever have health problems such as stress and anxiety caused by the game?
  7. Have there been people that have criticized you because they thought that you have problems with the game? (it does not matter if you agree or disagree on these considerations)
  8. Did the game ever caused any financial problems to you or your family?
  9. Have you ever asked yourself about what might happen if you play that much or have you ever felt guilty about the way you play?
Following these simple tips on gambling dependence I wish you much fun at all!
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